Tuesday, January 12, 2015— Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker announced a $225,000 grant to our training provider BEST Corp. and Madison Park DC to create a new 3,400 square foot training center in Dudley Square.

We commend the Commonwealth Urban Agenda Grant Program for selecting BEST Corp to train Boston residents in the heart of our city for life-changing, well-paying jobs in the hotel industry.

We are proud of what we’ve accomplished making sure these jobs can sustain a family. Today’s announcement is a fulfillment of a vision we set forth when we partnered with our hotel employers to fund the BEST Corp training center.

Last year we started the Mel King Empowerment Program, a training class aimed at helping African American Boston residents overcome unfair hiring practices and obstacles in securing good employment. The addition of a Dudley Square location of our hotel training center will bring skills, training, and opportunities right to the heart of our city.