Wyndham whistleblowers train temp workers at Boston hotel

“We Spoke Up. They’re Not Listening.”

Workers at the Wyndham hotel in Boston clean rooms for Massachusetts General Hospital patients. They filed an OSHA complaint because they cleaned blood, vomit, feces, and needles without enough training and protection. They went on strike June 25, 2015 and they testified at Boston City Council that they were afraid for their safety at work.

Wyndham is going in the wrong direction. Two weeks later—with an OSHA inspection ongoing—the hotel made workers train temporary staff on how to do their jobs. Now temporary workers are cleaning hotel rooms where hospital patients have stayed.

Workers are worried that temporary staff do not have enough training to do their jobs safely, and may ultimately become replacement workers.

Workers spoke up. Wyndham’s not listening. Share this video to make sure they do: