Standing up for Our Rights

On May 1 my daughter and I joined Local 26 members and their families to march for immigrants rights. Since 2006, immigrant communities have been holding yearly marches in their search for better protections at work, and an end to discrimination. We marched to show that we are organized and that we are not afraid.

We also marched to make it clear that we will never stop fighting bosses that abuse us. We are still fighting Hyatt, a hotel chain that fired and subcontracted all of their housekeepers in Boston. Hyatt might have thought they could get away with hurting immigrant workers without a union. They must know now that Boston hotel workers are united and we will not stand by while others are mistreated.

I was proud to see our members at the march. We come from all over the world, and together we are changing the way Boston works. We have fought for and won contract protection that makes sure our bosses can’t discriminate against immigrant workers. We continue to stand up for our rights; making Boston-area hotels, stadiums, restaurants, and dining halls better places to work for all of us.

–Brian Lang, President of Local 26