Building the Union

We’re working hard to build the union so that our numbers and strength grow and it shows!

Workers at the Renaissance Hotel are still celebrating after winning a two-year struggle for a contract. In February, members overwhelmingly ratified an agreement that brings them into our city-wide contract standards.

At the Back Bay Hotel, a long-awaited NLRB decision proved the hotel had unfairly interceded in an earlier union election. On May 5 workers voted “yes!” to join the union.  We’re proud to welcome them as full members of Local 26.

No More Subcontracting! On April 26 Local 26 member and former Hyatt housekeeper Wanda Rosario demanded the Cambridge Licensing Commission require that hotels directly employ housekeepers rather than subcontracting them, as 3 Hyatts in Boston and Cambridge did in 2009. Local 26 members along with former Hyatt housekeepers and housemen packed the room to hear a series of speakers explain how the use of temporary and outsourced workers is bad for guests and bad for the community.