UNITE HERE Local 26 401(k) Plan

The UNITE HERE Local 26 401(k) Plan offers a pre-tax investment option for many Local 26 members. The 401(k) is managed by Principal Financial Group.

Full and part time members from participating employers are eligible.

If you are a full time or part time Local 26 member you can contact your Human Resources department for an Enrollment booklet.

If you are a new hire, or have been rehired, you will be Auto Enrolled in the UNITE HERE Local 26 401(k) Plan at a 3% contribution rate, 30 days after your date of hire.  You will be put in the Moderate-Aggressive Retire View fund.

You must contact the Principal Financial Group within 90 days of your Auto-Enrollment to receive a refund from the Auto-Enrollment.  If you don’t request a refund within the 90 day window, you will receive the money when you terminate employment.

At an time you can elect to increase, decrease or stop contributions (salary deferral) by calling Principal Financial Group at 800.547.7754

Contribution rates can be between 1% and 80% of your pre-tax earnings, up to an annual limit set by the IRS each year.

Your statements are mailed to you quarterly.  If you would like to access your statements or your account information, you can set up online access by going to www.principal.com

If you have not received a statement by mail and you think you should have, please contact the Trust Office to make sure we have your up to date address information at 617.451.0318

You had to be contributing in May 2009 or prior to receive an employer match.  New 401(k) participants will not receive an employer match.

There are three times you are allowed to withdraw funds from your 401(k):

    1. When you leave employment
    1. If you are 59 1/2 or older
    1. For a hardship – click here for Hardship requirements

When you receive a cash distribution form your 401(k), you will be subject to Federal tax and any applicable state tax based on where you live.  Federal tax is 20%, and Massachusetts State tax is 5.3%.

There will also be a 10% early withdrawal penalty if you receive a cash distribution prior to attaining age 59 1/2.

If you roll your 401(k) account into another qualified pre-tax retirement account, you will not be taxed until you receive a cash distribution from that account.

If you die before receiving a distribution from your 401(k), your account will be awarded to the beneficiary (or beneficiaries) designated on your Principal 401(k) Beneficiary Designation Form (available in the resources section of this page).  It is important you complete and submit a beneficiary form, and update it whenever applicable.

If we have no beneficiary form on file in the event of your death, your 401(k) would be awarded to your spouse if you are married, your children if you are not, and if you have no children it will be awarded to your estate.

You can submit a question about your 401(k) to the Trust Office using the form below, or you can call the Trust Office at 617.451.0318

If you would like assistance in person, it is recommended that you call the Trust Office and schedule an appointment.

UNITE HERE Local 26 401(k) Plan Resources

Hardship Requirements

401K Beneficiary Designation Form

To access your UNITE HERE Local 26 401(k) Plan account information


Online:  www.principal.com

  • Under Account login, select PERSONAL as the login type, and click GO
  • New User? Click on: Register Now
  • Set Username and Password
  • Enter required information
  • Log back in to www.principal.com
  • Follow the prompts to choose a login image and phrase

By phone: 800-547-7754

  • Listen to the menu, and select an option
  • If prompted, enter/establish your PIN