Boston Hotel Workers, Experts to Testify at City Council Hearing on Hotel Safety

Stronger protections are needed, especially at hotels that cater to hospital patients

BOSTON, MA—Boston City Council will hold a hearing Thursday to investigate possible health risks faced by hotel workers who clean for hospital patients.

The hearing was called after workers at the Wyndham Boston Beacon Hill Hotel at 5 Blossom Street said they were not adequately protected to clean potentially infectious materials such as blood, vomit, feces, and needles or syringes.

The hotel advertises to area hospitals including Massachusetts General Hospital, which maintains an 8-bed sleep study at the hotel. MGH patients stay at the hotel while receiving treatment at the hospital.

OSHA began an inspection of the hotel in May in response to worker complaint.

Experts will assess possible risks for transmission of disease and compare cleaning protocols between hospitals and hotels. Workers from other area hotels will testify how they are protected when they clean hazardous materials or clean for hospital patients.

“Boston’s world-class hospitals depend on clean, safe hotels,” said hotel workers union President Brian Lang. “Boston officials are taking needed steps to improve the safety and sustainability of our top industries.”

What: Boston City Council hearing on hotel safety, nurses and occupational health experts to testify on risk of exposure at Boston hotels

When: Thursday June 25, 5:00pm

Where: City Council Chamber, City Hall

Who: 300 Boston hotel housekeepers; nurses, occupational health and safety experts to testify.

Visuals: Hotel housekeepers in uniform, crowd in matching white shirts and signs that read “BOSTON SAFE HOTELS,” hotel housekeeper to dress in personal protective equipment to provide a visual example of needed safeguards



For Immediate Release: June 24, 2015

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