Cambridge Le Meridien Workers Celebrate First Union Contract

Le Merdien Cambridge WorkersThank you to the many Cambridge and Boston community members who marched, testified, boycotted and prayed with the workers of the Le Meridien Hotel as they worked to win a fair process to decide on unionization.

HEI, the owners of the Le Meridien Cambridge, agreed to a fair process in December 2013. In March of this year an independent arbitrator certified that a majority of workers at the hotel wanted the union. The Hotel recognized the workers’ union and began bargaining with them for a contract.

On September 12 the Le Meridien workers unanimously ratified their first union contract. The contract includes gains to wages, reductions in employee health care costs and it will give workers more control over their schedules and a grievance process for addressing concerns which arise.

“We are committed to working with city leaders of Cambridge to ensure that all workers within its limits can enjoy a fair workplace,” said Local 26 President Brian Lang. “We are grateful for the help the workers received from the Cambridge community.”

The contract will bring wages and benefits of Le Meridien workers to the full Local 26 standard that is enjoyed by workers at 28 other hotels in Boston and Cambridge.

Workers cheered for the new contract. The wage increases are substantial and the cost of health insurance will be dramatically reduced. Workers currently pay 40% of their plan’s cost and will soon have family insurance for as little as $12 a week.

“Our health insurance has been so expensive, it has been hard to pay my other bills for a long time,” said housekeeper of 16 years Rosa de la Rosa. “With the raises and decrease in cost in our insurance, I will have more resources for my daughter. I know she’ll have a better future.”

Thank you again for your support in helping the Le Meridien Cambridge workers gain respect and dignity at their workplace.lemerde2