Statement by D Taylor, UNITE HERE President, on comprehensive immigration reform

UNITE HERE is proud to stand with President Obama and the movement for equality for immigrant workers in our country. The hundreds of thousands of women and men who are our members and future members come from all over the United States and the world. Through the work they do every day–making beds, preparing food, cleaning rooms, washing dishes, serving travelers–they keep our economy moving and build stable lives for themselves and their families. Like all Americans, they hope for secure and happy lives for their children. And those who are immigrants dream of achieving citizenship so that they can be full and equal participants in our society.

It is time for a 21st century immigration system: one that recognizes the mobile, interconnected world in which we live. That new system must include a timely roadmap to citizenship for the millions of new Americans already contributing to our industries and communities every day.

The members of UNITE HERE will join the President, members of Congress, and our partners in the labor and immigrant movements to achieve that 21st century immigration system. We look forward to a time before long when the aspiring citizens in UNITE HERE and in our country will be welcomed as full and equal Americans.