Boycott Nix’s Mate

Nix’s Mate and its owner Peter Lucido

Mate, a New England-style restaurant with a pirate theme in Boston’s Financial
District has been cited for food safety violations.  One of its owners has left a trail of
companies with bad business practices.

Salty Language: “Unions are for lazy

After opening, Nix’s Mate fired two pro-union workers. In statements to the National
Labor Relations Board, Nix’s Mate employees alleged that management harassed
and intimidated them. In one instance, a manager wrote “unions are for lazy
f*cks” on a white board.

Fruit Flies and
Critical Food Violations

In February 2012 Bostonian Hospitality Group took over management of the Hilton Financial District’s restaurant. On March 6, 2012 Boston Food Services Inspection cited this restaurant with 12 violations, including the note “there are fruit flies in the kitchen and dining room.” Four of the violations were listed as “critical” or “foodborne illness risk factors.” OnApril 13th 2012 the name of the hotel restaurant was changed to “Nix’s Mate.

What’s safer, a Pirate Ship or One of
Lucido’s Restaurants?

Lucido previously owned “The Greatest Bar” in Downtown Boston which went before the Boston Licensing Board 8 times between 2010 and 2012 for multiple violations including ASSAULT AND BATTERY, serving alcohol to a minor, and overcrowding. A 2010 violation stated “A & B [assault and battery], employee on patron.”

Lucido’s Former Business Partners Sue

A verified complaint was brought against Peter Lucido and Aaron Sells on July 12, 2011 in Suffolk Superior Court.  The complaint was filed by a majority of the owners of The Greatest Bar, which Lucido and Sells previously owned and which Lucido managed. The complaint included allegations of “waste of corporate assets,” “gross negligence and willful misconduct” and “fraud and misrepresentations.” The complaint was settled out of court

Lucido’s Mortgage Company in Hot Water in Four

Peter Lucido’s previous career included managing the firm “Bay Mortgage Services” which had its Banking License REVOKED in FOUR States: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Florida. In addition, Lucido’s Connecticut banking
License was SUSPENDED from June 5 to September 25, 2007.

The Massachusetts Division of Banks said that Lucido’s company “engaged in a pattern or practice of understatements or omissions of fees charged to consumers by the Corporation” and that “Bay Mortgage has failed to demonstrate and maintain the character, reputation, integrity, and general fitness that would warrant the belief that the business will be operated honestly, fairly, and soundly in the public interest…”

Boycott  Nix’s Mate!

Stand with us by pledging to not eat at any of the restaurants or do business with any of the companies related to Nix’s Mate owners and investors.

Mate, 89 Broad St, Boston, MA*

Box, 65 Causeway St, Boston, MA

Dog Brew Pub, 2 A Street, Hull, MA

Dog Brew Pub, 230 Mishawum Road, Woburn, MA

Dog Steak & Ale, 318 Main Street, Northborough, MA

Dog Brew Pub, 15 South Water Street, Nantucket,

*Please continue to patronize the Hilton Financial
District/Downtown Boston hotel at the same address. Workers there are protected
by a contract and their owners have pledged to respect their rights.