Harvard University Update

Local 26

Harvard University Update

Summer Work:

In the new contract we won language committing management to work with us to find work for as many HUDS employees as possible. (See especially Article 27). 

Over the winter, the new Joint Best Practices Committee has been meeting to nail down job opportunities within HUDS, Restaurant Associates and with other Harvard departments and subcontractors.  This issue is now our highest priority.

The Union shop stewards on the Joint Best Practices Committee are Aaron Ducket, Anabella Pappas, Ed Childs and William Sawyer.

Our goal is to make Harvard employment sustainable year-round.


Welcome Harvard Law School Food Service

Throughout the spring and summer a volunteer team Harvard students and Harvard Shop stewards helped the 70 Harvard Law School food service workers join together.

When more than 90% had signed Union cards, workers and students told the employer, Restaurant Associates/Compass that they wanted a fast and fair process to become part of the Union.

And now they are!  Welcome our newest sisters and brothers.

Our Union at Harvard is now 600 workers strong.

Chief Shop Stewards:

Last month Aaron Ducket, Anabella Pappas, Ed Childs, Mike Charles and William Sawyer were voted in as chief stewards by their fellow Local 26 shop stewards at Harvard.  They have accepted the responsibility of volunteering their time to coordinate our work in enforcing the contract and building unity.


Northeastern University Food Service Workers:

400 food service workers employed by Compass at Northeastern University are fighting to join together as part of our Union.

The NE workers are paid about $11 on average.  Most do not have employer health insurance or other benefits or job security.  Many look to what we’ve built at Harvard as the example of what they want to build at Northeastern.

They’re making a commitment to each other: Hundreds have already joined together, with the help of Local 26 members and students from all over the greater Boston area – including several Harvard workers and students, to say, “We are a Union.”


Lionel Louis-Jean

With great sadness we mourn the passing of our brother, Lionel Louis-Jean. 
Lionel was a leader of our Union, a great friend to his co-workers and students, a man full of humor and kindness, who always stood up for his family and his
sisters and brothers.