March 1-31: Open Enrollment for Hotel Health Plan

Open-Enrollment-2015-PosterFor members who work at an employer covered under the Local 26 healthcare fund:

Open Enrollment runs March 1-31. Carefully read the packet of information you receive, complete the form and mail it to the Fund.

Changes you can make during Open Enrollment include:

  • Enrolling in the health plan
  • Adding your spouse to the plan (include a copy of your marriage certificate)
  • Adding a child to your plan (include a copy of the birth certificate)
  • Changing your personal information
  • Education & Training Program – BEST Corp.

    Mission – To provide individuals the education, skills and training to excel in the hospitality industry and in their personal lives.

    Background –  Local 26 Hotel Training Center (HTC) provides classes in English for Hospitality, literacy, and citizenship as well as certification skills training in On-Call Banquet Server, Busser/Server, Basic Culinary Arts, Food Safety, and Housekeeping. We also provide career counseling and career workshops. In January 2008, HTC opened a state of the art computer lab. Classes in computer skills as well as drop-in lab hours are offered. HTC arranges one-on-one tutoring for those students who don’t fit into our regularly scheduled classes. Our goal is to meet the educational needs of our clients through a myriad of classes and other services.